I’m Matej Leško  and I’m developer. That’s it … end of the story 😀

Nah, just kidding.

You see, I was always wondering what would I write on a page, which is basically the most ignored page on your site. Now is the time to actually found out. I guess a story behind the site title is probably not so lame, right? Well the story is simple.

I found out that I’m particularly lazy and I procrastinate a lot. You probably know the drill too (netflix? anybody? no?). And that is a problem because it slows my personal development and makes me unhappy. And what do you do if there is something bothering you? Riiight, you grab your balls together and confront the source of your problem.

Quick intro about me:

There were some hard changes in my life and I changed a view on myself and the people around me. Long story short – from the pretty overweight teenager pretending to be “hacker” I somehow gradually made myself into a man. But some time ago I hit the plateau. I lost focus. I was stagnating.

So, I’ve chosen to improve myself and my personal experience. This blog is one of the many new forms I started to implement into my life.

That’s it for real now 🙂

personal photo
Matej Leško – personal photo