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I’m guilty, I procrastinate – a lot

Do you find yourself in these words? Do you procrastinate a lot yourself too? Yeah, me too. I fight this war over and over and guess what, I’m winning.

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Ok, ok … I’m winning most of the time, you got me there. However, the thing is that I’m getting better and better. Isn’t it what would you like to achieve too?

Let’s start with… just start

So you have your thing. Let’s say – write a blogpost. Before you start with your work, you have to make your cup of coffee, right? But working with a warm coffee in your hand is too much. It is better to read some great articles during that sacred time of yours. Like from Medium. In addition, it can’t be done in silent! Therefore, you start your Spotify app.

After 20 minutes you close the youtube video with a little bit panic in your eyes. You really need to write that blogpost! So, you log into that wordpress thing and think about appropriate post name. After some time, you feel hungry. Gosh, you haven’t eaten like from the morning! And it is already 1pm! So, you stop your work … you have to eat, right?

Now, after 1.5 hour of preparation you are eating. However, you are highly effective person, right? therefore, you can do two things at the same time. Long story short, Netflix just served another happy customer.

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Spot the problem, sherlock!

In conclusion, you procrastinate – a lot. You’ve just spent like 4 hours if doing nothing and you are tired. So you are going to sleep. Because tomorrow is another day, right?

The thing is that the starting is the most painful from the all work ahead. In addition, the energy spent on starting is, in my opinion, making like 50+ percent from the overall output spent on project of yours. These are just numbers I somehow tracked when I was really upset by myself.

The art of starting is really hard. But it makes a world of difference in your journey to stop procrastinating a lot.

The art of starting

You see, few weeks ago, I stumbled on a great book – The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. The guy is doing a great job of describing the art of creation. He also has a name for the thing so commonly described as a procrastination – the Resistance.

The War of Art Kindle Edition
by Steven Pressfield

For instance check this quote from the book. Do you see the beauty of these words? These describe why you and me procrastinate a lot – above all, these shows the true meaning of procrastination.

The more you love your art/calling/enterprise, the more important its accomplishment is to the evolution of your soul, the more you will fear it and the more Resistance you will experience facing it.

Steven Pressfield – The War of Art

The meaning is that so called resistance is directly proportional to love. The more you experience it, the more is your thing important to you. Also, the reward for its completion is proportional to it.

I’m not sure if I can relate it to my laziness to fold my dry laundry tough. But in overall, he talks about how to become the true professional and fight with the Resistance.

But he does one thing right for sure– at least for the first part of the book. He motivates you to start! Because in an essence – it is all about discipline.

Now, let’s continue with … consistency

If you stumbled on me just now, I partially talked about consistency. here. If you know your goal(or thing), make sure it is a repeatable action and repeat it! If I use the blogpost as the thing – write one e.g. per week. It is this simple. To fight a procrastination make yourself do something regularly.

This utterly unpleasant regular activity will help you to build a habit. You will literally reprogram your brain with all its shiny paths in it to a new better version.

So… where is the catch?

girl catching the ball - metaphor on solution for procrastination

If it would be so simple, you would do it already, right? Yeah, I know. The thing is – and read it closely with utter focus possible in your life – this stuff is not easy. Not at all. It is a painful process where is nothing but yourself to blame or celebrate.

There is no magic pill, no shortcut no magic unicorn throwing bitcoins from his ass. No my dear, this fight can be done only by yourself. The reason you procrastinate can be very deep. It may be hidden in your past, psyche, surrounding. Therefore, no straightforward path. But nevertheless all these variables, the never changing constants are there. Discipline and consistency. These two will help you to make you procrastinate much less.

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